SGE Designs and Manufactures PP, PP-FRP, PVC-FRP, FRP, GRP Chemical Process Plant Equipments, Fume Absorption Systems OR Fume Scrubbing Systems on turn-key basis as per Customers requirement for Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Bulk Drugs Manufacturing Plant, Electroplating Plants, Hard Chrome Plating Plants, Galvanizing Plants, Acid Pickling Plants, Phosphating Plant, Wire Drawing Plants, Gold Refining Plants.

Material of Constructions (MOC)


Our Profile

SHREE GANESH ENGINEERS is a Mumbai based company, run by a Chemical engineer, engaged in the Designing & Manufacturing of Chemical Process Plant Equipments from PP, PVC, HDPE, PVDF, FRP, GRP Materials, Fume Absorption System OR Fume Exhaust & Scrubbing Systems on turn-key basis and FRP Moulded Components..

SGE is highly backed up with competent professionally dedicated team and have composite in-house facilities to undertake all kind of turnkey projects.

SGE can make state of the art equipments to suit your process requirements. As a policy, SGE always adhere to the delivery schedule, workmanship and quality manufacture.

Prestigious Clients


SGE has successfully Designed and Commissioned Fume Scrubbing System for

  • HCL Fumes from Acid Pickling Tanks
  • HCL & Chlorine Fumes from Reaction Tanks
  • HCL & Chrome Fumes from Electroplating Process
  • Fumes Scrubbing system for Nox fumes.
  • Gas Absorption system for SO2 gas.
  • Chrome Mist from Hard Chrome Plating tanks
  • Triethylamine ( TEA ) gas from Cold Box Sand Core Making machines
  • 52000 cfm FRP Blower (120 HP)