Ducting, Pipes & Fittings


SGE pipes are mechanically very strong and can withstand high pressure and vacuum. SGE has capacity to manufacture pipes from 25 mm diameter to 3000 mm diameter. SGE offers, these pipes from various resins like Isophthalic, Vinylester, Bisphenol and other imported resin. These pipes can also be made of dual laminated plastics like PVC-FRP, PP-FRP etc.

SGE also supplies FRP-GRP pipes i.e. FRP pipe made using fire retardant Resin for fire fighting service which is always maintained under pressure. Advantage of these pipes is resistant to corrosion from inside as well as from outside due to which it proves ideal for liquid (water or saline water) for prolonged period of service without any leaks.

Metal pipe gets easily corroded. So it is unreliable and risky to use metallic pipes.

Our Pipes are used in Chemical Industries for transfer of corrosive chemicals.

Ductings are used for Fume Exhaust systems, Fume Scrubbing systems, etc.